• Did Hybrid and Remote Work Improve Corporate Culture or Gave Presenteeism and Bias a Boost?
    I watched a segment on hybrid and remote work maturing in 2022 by The Economist triggered some interesting questions that many of us haven’t had much thought of. The impact of remote and hybrid work shifted how we approached work over the past 20 months in massively positive ways but […]
  • How I (Am Trying to) Deal With Pandemic Mental and Emotional Work Burnout
    Have you ever felt like a part of your brain is shorting out and burning? Or do Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays feel like days to worry about the upcoming Monday more than respute for the current week? Since the pandemic hit, I think more people are aware of burnout phenomenons […]
  • Metaverse – A Throwback to the 90s
    Here’s what I think of the whole Metaverse thing, and no, nobody asked, but hey. In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will now be known as Meta, much to the dismay of smaller companies already named Meta. Regardless, in a matter of minutes, the term “metaverse” enters our […]
  • 14 Lead Generation and CRM Mistakes ALL MARKETERS Make
    We’ve reached the end of our 3-part, first-party data and lead generation series of articles. If you missed the first two, read them here and here. Now that you’ve identified your 1PD initiative and picked a tool to streamline the process, let’s cover the most common mistakes that EVERY SINGLE […]
  • Free CRM Tools to Help Your Small Business Capture and Manage First-Party Data
    In our opening article about first-party data, we’ve shared why collecting first-party data is important, particularly for small businesses, and also covered some easy-to-implement ideas for your team to try. Before you can USE your data, you need to collect them, which we covered in the previous article. After collecting […]
  • Getting Started First-Party Data for Small Businesses. 5 Strategies You Can Implement TODAY!
    First-party data is all the data that is generated and collected directly by a company’s own properties and audience. Companies are able to use this data to improve their products and services, understand customers’ needs, and generally provide a better customer experience. First-party data is immensely valuable for your business […]
  • The Need for NOW. How Modern Online Shopping Demands Affect Delivery Workers
    Shopping Used to Be an Event As consumers, we’re always conditioned to consume through a number of signals from companies. After all, without consumerism, much of our economy won’t exist and most of us probably won’t have a job. Back in the olden days, consumerism tends to focus on thematic […]
  • Tips for Marketing & Advertising That Will Get You Noticed, Not Grind Your Audience’s Faces
    You were enjoying a casual, relaxing stroll in the park on a lovely Saturday morning, It was an absolutely perfect day. The sun shone brightly, the birds were chirping and the air was crisp. You walked through the park on a winding trail, taking in all of nature’s beauty. You […]
  • Empathy In The Workplace – As a Boss and an Employee
    Empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another. You’d think that this is such a core human trait that everyone practices empathy daily, but unfortunately, empathy tends to vanish when work is involved. Many of us […]
  • 6 Financial Changes for a Happier 2022 Without Big Sacrifices
    The pandemic that enveloped our lives since March of 2020 has disrupted how we approach life in more ways than one, especially with how we approach our finances. While there are multitudes of unfortunate stories and experiences many of us have gone through, I’d like to pivot and focus more […]